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LinkCounter.com Affiliate Program FAQ

Does it cost me anything to become a member of the affiliate program?
Enrollment in the affiliate program is free. You will never be charged a fee to enroll.

Do I have to become a LinkCounter member to enroll?
Although we would like to have you as a member, no, you do not. However, only active members of LinkCounter.com will be eligible for special promotions and contests that we will be offering from time to time.

So how much can I make if I send you a sale?
We pay out 2 levels. You can get up to $3 per referral. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more details.

Do I get paid if I refer someone and they sign up for your trial membership?
No, sorry. Our trial membership is very restricted and we do not market to these members.

But what if I refer a trial member and then they become a paying member?
You'll get paid! We will track all trial signups from your account. Any of them that convert to paying members will be credited to your affiliate account if they become a paying member within 7 days.

What about people I send to your site that don't become members right away?
As long as these visitors do not delete their browser cookies, or the cookie is not overwritten by another affiliate, then we will track your visitors for up to 30 consecutive days. If they sign up withing those 30 days - you'll get the credit.

Can I promote LinkCounter.com in my email campaigns?
Yes. However, we urge you to be 100% sure that all email you send is permission based. Anyone producing spam reports will be removed from our affiliate program and all monies will be forfeited.

Can I make my own images to link to LinkCounter.com?
We do not allow any image to be used. If you would like to create an image, you may submit it for our review. Be advised that all images submitted to us becomes the property of LinkCounter.com and can/will be used by all eligible affiliate members.

For questions not covered here, please contact LinkCounter Support:

On the web: http://www.linkcounter.com/support.php

Via Email: sales@linkcounter.com


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